Promotion of Russian goods in export markets

We have our own office and legal entity in China and representative offices in other countries, officially registered accounts in social networks and trading Internet sites and certified specialists.

From consultation on website design and assistance in filing documents for the registration of a trademark in the territory of China to the full cycle of work: preparation and adaptation, withdrawal and promotion to target audiences, support and processing of transactions.

Our specialists provide a full range of activities to promote goods and services in export markets, including digital and exhibitions.

Promotion of goods in a digital channel in foreign markets

A set of actions to promote goods in a digital channel in foreign markets



The research is an integral part of the marketing strategy

At this stage, information is collected about the market, such important parameters as size, growth, social development trends and demographics (population statistics, such as age, gender and marital status). Marketers analyze how much your product / service or service will be popular with Chinese consumers. Demand for the goods, similar goods of competitors is revealed, comparison is carried out. At this stage, decisions are made to promote the Russian product in China, to create an effective strategy that will help to get more customers in the future.


Plan development

Development of a plan for promotion of goods and selection of sites for the sale of goods, products and services

The goals are to increase the recognition of goods, strengthen the brand, attract new customers. Promotion of the product or complex sale in China is impossible without creating consumer demand and consumer benefits. Due to intense competition, it is crucial to plan an effective strategy before starting a campaign. This is especially important for small businesses to effectively use their limited resources.


Promotion of brands

Promotion of Russian brands in foreign markets

The most famous and popular methods of promotion include promotion of goods / products and services in popular social networks, Chinese messengers (such as wich), Chinese popular blogger infonations to the Russian Federation, participation in various fairs, promotion of services in China at exhibitions and forums in China. All this allows attracting the attention of Chinese businessmen, finding business partners and making their products / products popular in the markets of the Middle Kingdom.

Methods and approaches of integrated promotion

To conduct an effective campaign and promote an imported product in a foreign market, you need to be aware of consumer psychology and consumer behavior, as well as your competitors.

We provide services to promote goods in foreign markets and guarantee a balanced and competent approach to work. Our company employs experts in all fields: marketers, SMM-specialists, translators (native speakers), designers, programmers. Our team creates effective and working strategies for the promotion of Russian companies abroad.

A well-designed marketing strategy will help realize the goals of your business and build a strong reputation for your products and products on the foreign market. A good marketing strategy helps to successfully sell their goods and services.

Strategies are focused on the end user and include various approaches: media campaigns, PR, Internet marketing, etc.

Promotion tools to increase knowledge and attract customers

Promotion of product groups within trading platforms

Promotion (posting, seeding, SERM) in social networks

Writing reviews by bloggers and opinion leaders (posting, reviews, live streaming)


We organize forums, conferences, congresses, congresses in various spheres of trade, as well as festivals, BTL events and exhibitions in the CIS, Baltic countries and Asia.

Our exhibitions differ in topics, composition and number of participants and visitors, but all exhibitions unite one thing - a unique opportunity to expand partnerships, conclude profitable contracts and find promising investors.

Exhibitions and fairs play a key role in the formation of new markets, the struggle to strengthen the competitive positions of firms, regions and countries, especially in times of crisis. According to statistics, transactions concluded at exhibitions, account for up to one third of the turnover of firms that take part in them. To make a normal sale transaction, costs are four times higher than the average transaction costs, which is through the exhibition. Participation in the exhibition is a real anti-crisis solution for your business.

We use the latest technologies to work with the target audience, combining them competently with traditional methods of attracting participants and visitors.

The level of services provided by us corresponds to the world standards thanks to the use of modern exhibition equipment, highly qualified personnel, the use of automated systems for the design of exhibition stands, and the use of modern information technologies.

Our design projects allow you to create an original and memorable stand that will set you apart from competitors and attract the attention of the largest number of visitors to the exhibition.

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