Transport and warehouse logistics

We carry out international cargo transportation by air, road, rail and sea to any destination in the CIS, Baltic and Asia.

Our own network of representative offices allows us to quickly and efficiently serve customers, and thanks to well-established partnerships we can ensure the delivery of goods by all means of transport from door to door.

Air Freight

If you need to urgently deliver cargo for a long distance, transport perishable products or plants, or deliver cargo to remote areas where there are no railways and road transport is difficult, air travel is the best, and sometimes the only solution.

We carry out transportation of import and export cargoes, transit air transportations and express delivery, we are engaged in customs clearance of cargoes in terminals of the airports.

Solid work experience and long-term partnerships with reliable airlines allow us to deliver goods all over the world in the shortest possible time.

Our experience allows us to understand well the nuances of cargo transportation and to choose the optimal solutions for each client.

  • The fastest way to deliver.
  • High reliability and safety.
  • Optimal solution for the transport of small and light loads.
  • The only way to reach remote and hard-to-reach areas.


Wecooperate with Russian and foreign partners. Presence of consolidation warehouses allows to successfully carry out an auto-delivery of cargoes from any point qualitatively and in the scheduled terms.

We guarantee the best routes, prices and terms of auto delivery, as well as safe storage of goods and competent loading.

We will help to organize the transportation of any cargo — from very small and light to multi-toned and oversized.

We will get rid of the difficulties connected with crossing the borders, and we will help to prepare all the necessary documents. For you will be responsible freight forwarders, experienced drivers, qualified loaders.

  • The optimal ratio of price and speed of delivery.
  • The most expeditious and flexible way of delivery.
  • Independence from a fixed schedule.
  • Possibility of delivery of small consignments of goods as part of groupage cargoes.
  • Delivery from door to door.

Rail transportation

We accept orders for railway transportation of goods of various types: heavy, oversized, long, fragile.

Container transportation is an ideal way of delivering cargo for long distances by different modes of transport.

Depending on the nature of the cargo, we will choose the best way for its transportation — in containers or wagons, as well as the appropriate type of container or wagon. In the case of «door-to-door» delivery, we arrange a meeting of the cargo at the arrival station and its further dispatch to the recipient. We monitor the movement of cargo throughout the route.

  • Low cost of delivery.
  • Strict observance of deadlines.
  • Independence from weather conditions.
  • Possibility of transportation of cargoes of different types, dimensions and volumes.


Partnerships with large shipping companies, shipping lines and transport agencies, well-developed delivery schemes and well-established work with certification, insurance and customs bodies allow us to offer favorable conditions and high quality of service.

Sea transportation is the most economical way of cargo delivery

Entrust sea transportation to us and you do not have to worry about how to deliver cargo to the port, unload, load, document and send from the port of arrival by air, train or truck to the final destination. We will take care of all these issues.

  • The cheapest method of delivery.
  • The possibility of transportation of goods over long distances.
  • Possibility of transportation of significant consignments.
  • No special permission is required for transportation of oversizedcargo.

Multimodal transportation

If the starting and ending points of the route are on different coasts of the same sea, we will ensure that the consolidated cargo arrives at the port of departure on time, and then was met at the port of arrival and delivered to the recipient. Most likely, for this you have to use several modes of transport.

We will deliver the goods from door to door, no matter how difficult it may seem and how many modes of transport it would take.

We are ready to organize a multimodal transportation of a groupage cargo:

  • develop a route;
  • we will offer an optimal logistic scheme;
  • we will provide cargo escort at all stages of transportation.

You do not have to puzzle over how to harmonize all these steps, properly arrange customs and accompanying documents and not make a mistake in terms.

  • The most popular method of delivery.
  • Delivery from door to door.
  • No restrictions on the route.
  • Flexible approach to the timing and cost of delivery.

Warehouse Logistics

Your cargo will be stored in warehouses under the CCTV system, alarm systems equipped according to the European standard.

  • Receiving and consolidating cargo;
  • marking of goods;
  • repackaging, lathing, manufacturing of wooden boxes;
  • compilation and verification of packing lists;
  • responsible storage;
  • palletizing and other services.